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    Team preparation

    Preparing teams for upcoming challanges: basketball, volleyball, football, handball

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    In the Vizura Basketball Academy, we provide all our resources for organising team preparation for sports beside basketball: volleyball, football, handball. We organise friendly machtes for testing tactics, tryouts and competing challanges. Our coaches use a multi-phased teaching approach that focuses on player evaluation, position-specific instruction and a rigorous competition program with one goal in mind: to help every player reach their true potential.

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    Teams preparing in Vizura

    We are proud to present you teams who organised preparations at our basketball academy

    Superior program | Basketball Academy

    KK Real Madrid

    Basketball Academy Vizura Logo

    KK Real Madrid

    Septembar 2017

    Certified training process

    Our coaches and training experts who are involved in the training process at our basketball academy

    Aleksandar Glišić

    Head coach

    Basketball coach | Academy Vizura

    Belgrade | Serbia| FIBA Coach

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    Dušan Petrović

    Coach / Assistant

    Basketball coach | Academy Vizura

    Belgrade | Serbia
    Work with junior/senior selection

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    Ivan Pijanec

    Strength and conditioning coach

    Basketball coach | Academy Vizura

    Pirot | Serbia
    Individual work with athletes

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